The 12 Best Ways to Burn Body Fat

best ways to burn fat

It’s always a challenge to lose body fat, but it is much easier when you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Below we share the 12 best ways to burn body fat, grab a pen take notes and enjoy.

You can get rid of those extra pounds by modifying your diet, lifestyle, and exercise routine. Many fad diets and fat burning supplements promise quick results.

You’ll also discover how to avoid common mistakes when setting up your nutrition program. You’ll learn about how to manage your weight and how to measure, weigh and record the foods that you eat so you can see your progress over time.

The best ways to lose weight are to eat fewer calories, drink a lot of water, and take your daily supplements.

1. Begin With Strength Training

A good strength-training program will make your body stronger and help you look better by increasing the size of your muscles.

It’s best to train your body as a whole instead of trying to focus on specific muscles. When you do so, you increase your overall strength, which is the most important factor when it comes to building muscle.

Strength training has many health benefits, especially for people trying to lose weight. It helps you burn more calories, as well as increases your muscle mass, which will help you burn more calories throughout the day.

Resistance training appears to work best when people are trying to lose body fat. It may not be the right choice for those who are trying to build muscle, but it may help people who want to slim down.

The best way to lower body fat mass and visceral fat is to drink green tea regularly. Drinking green tea can be a significant weight-loss aid because it helps the body burn more calories, reduces appetite and boosts metabolism.

A new study showed that weight loss from strength training is more effective than aerobic exercise alone for reducing body fat in adolescents with obesity.

Resistance exercise also may help preserve muscle mass, which may increase the number of calories your body burns at rest.

According to one study, resistance training boosts your resting metabolic rate and improves cardiovascular fitness, while aerobic exercise doesn’t have any effect.

Strength training is an easy way to start working out. You can do a little weight lifting at home, or you can take part in regular weight lifting classes at the gym.

2. Start Eating More Healthy Fats

It may not seem intuitive but increasing your intake of healthy fats may prevent you from gaining weight.

A Mediterranean diet rich in healthy fats like olive oil and nuts helps you lose more weight over time, compared with a low-fat diet, according to recent studies.

An additional review revealed that an olive oil-rich diet is more effective at reducing body weight than is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet (17Trusted Source).

Even though there’s no concrete evidence that trans fats are harmful, they can increase your risk of heart disease. Limit your intake of these fats by making smarter food choices.

There are numerous nutrients found in healthy oils, nuts, and seeds. These include omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and antioxidants that are great for your brain health.

Healthy fats are still packed with energy, so it’s important to moderate your intake.

Try swapping fatty, fried foods, processed ingredients, and refined oils for healthier options.

3. Start Consuming Whole Grains Inplace of Refined Carbs

Eating healthy foods can help you lose weight. Cutting back on your intake of refined carbohydrates may help you get leaner.

In processing, refined grains are stripped of their bran and germ, resulting in a final product that is low in fibre and nutrition.

There is evidence suggesting that refined carbohydrates are linked to weight gain and may even increase the risk for diabetes. However, a high-fat diet is definitely better than a high-carbohydrate diet because it causes less insulin.

Even so, eating refined carbs by themselves is unlikely to cause any noticeable weight-loss results. Studies show that eating a lot of refined carbs raises your insulin levels and causes you to retain more belly fat.

A diet rich in whole grains is linked to a lower BMI, smaller waist circumference, and lower waist-to-hip ratio. Keep in mind that just because you’re within the “healthy” BMI range doesn’t mean you’re healthy!

The best way to lose weight is to switch refined carbs for whole grains. If you are replacing your refined carbs with whole grains, you’ll cut down on calories.

4. Fill up on Fibre

A diet rich in soluble fibre will help you feel fuller for longer. Good sources of soluble fibre include fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

According to some studies, if you eat more high fibre foods, they may help protect you against weight gain.

These foods are fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

It is clear that eating more fibre is associated with improved dietary adherence, weight loss, and better weight maintenance.

One of the most effective ways to lose weight is to eat more soluble fibre.

5. Make Sure You Add Probiotics to Your Diet

Probiotics are types of beneficial bacteria that are found in your digestive tract.

The good news is that, as your microbiome gets healthier, it helps you feel better, sleep better and recover better from illness. You can increase your intake of probiotics to improve your weight management.

A study of 15 different studies found that probiotic supplements (such as fermented milk, yogurt, and certain kinds of food) work for most people, although some individuals may need higher dosages than others.

Yet another study found that probiotics helped overweight and obese people control their eating habits better when following a low-calorie diet.

Several strains of probiotics in the genus Lactobacillus may be especially effective at aiding weight and fat loss, but there’s no evidence that anyone strain is more or less effective than another.

Probiotics are simple and convenient to use. They’re a great supplement to add to your diet. Alternatively, you can eat probiotic-rich foods like kefir, tempeh, natto, kombucha, kimchi, and sauerkraut.

6. Increase Your Healthy Fats

Eating too many high-fat foods can cause you to pack on the pounds. But, increasing your intake of healthy fats could help you avoid weight gain. This is one of the best ways to burn body fat.

This Mediterranean Diet is very good for people who want to lose weight. There is now evidence that regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil can help reduce the risk of obesity and weight gain in people.

Eating too many foods high in trans fat is linked to increased long-term weight gain. This includes eating foods that have been deep-fried, and foods that have been processed with artificial ingredients.

Nutritious fats, like olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds, can help you look and feel better.

Make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as well. They’re not just the “good stuff” — they are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Instead of eating more fat overall, try swapping fried foods, processed ingredients, and refined oils for the healthy varieties above.

7. Eat Protein-Rich Foods

You can burn fat faster by eating more protein-rich foods. Eating high protein foods might make you feel less hungry, so you may eat less.

Multiple studies have found that eating more high-quality protein is linked to a lower risk of excessive body fat and obesity.

High protein diets may help preserve muscle mass and metabolism during weight loss. If you want to lose weight, try to eat more protein. It will help you feel full, and it may even help you eat fewer calories.

Try adding a few servings of high protein foods to your diet each day. Protein-rich foods include meats, seafood, eggs, beans, legumes, tofu, and dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt.

8. Avoid Sugary Drinks

Switching to healthy beverages instead of sugary ones can help you drop those unwanted pounds more quickly.

For example, sodas with added sugar are usually loaded with calories and offer little nutrition. Alcohol can also be very high in calories and can lower inhibitions, which can increase your risk of eating more than you’d intended.

Sugar-sweetened beverages like soda and alcohol both contribute to belly fat. The more you drink, the more your belly gets filled up.

Avoid calorie-loaded foods like chocolate, ice cream, candy, and soda and opt for diet drinks, fruit, and vegetables instead.

According to a small study, drinking one pint (570 mL) of water before a meal reduced hunger and decreased the number of calories eaten during the meal.

You can also drink green tea to lose weight. It contains caffeine and is rich in antioxidants. It might help to burn fat faster.

9. Increase Your Coffee Intake

Caffeine in coffee stimulates your central nervous system, boosts metabolism, and helps the body break down fats.

Caffeine is not only a powerful energy booster, but it may also be an effective fat burner. Another study including 2,623 people linked higher caffeine intake to a higher rate of success with weight loss maintenance.

Adding large amounts of cream and sugar can cause coffee to lose its health benefits.

Don’t worry! You can enjoy it in black or with a splash of milk.

10. Start Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a type of diet pattern that involves cycling between periods of eating and fasting. In order for you to reach a healthy body weight, this book may be just what you need.

Alternate-day fasting is a fasting regimen that examines a diet of just a few hours or even a day of fasting, followed by a normal, healthy eating regime.

The number of calories and protein needed each day varies from person to person. To optimize the body’s ability to burn fat and build muscle, we recommend you train at your peak level throughout the week.

The types of intermittent fasting are: Eat Stop Eat, the Warrior Diet, the 16/8 method, and the 5:2 diet.

Seek out a product that works well for your body type and schedule, and don’t be afraid to experiment to find what works best for you.

11. Add Cardio to Your Routine

Cardiovascular exercise is one of the most popular forms of physical fitness. Exercise is any type of activity that gets your heart rate up and exercises your lungs.

You may find that adding cardiovascular exercise to your routine will help boost metabolism and burn more calories, which can result in weight loss.

For example, a review of 15 studies found that increased aerobic exercise may reduce belly fat in middle-aged women.

It’s time to stop living a sedentary lifestyle and start exercising. Exercising regularly can help you burn fat and build lean muscle, which can decrease your waist circumference, decrease body fat, and boost self-esteem.

Moderate to vigorous exercise should be about 150-300 minutes a week or 20-40 minutes a day. Running, walking, cycling, and swimming are just a few examples of cardio exercises. There are plenty more as well.

12. Give HIIT A Go

HIIT is a type of exercise that pairs quick bursts of activity with short recovery periods to keep your heart rate elevated.

HIIT is the quickest and easiest way to burn more fat and keep it off. It’s a high-intensity workout that ramps up your metabolism.

A number of studies have reported positive changes in weight loss, body composition, cardiovascular fitness, insulin sensitivity, and blood lipids (43Trusted Source).

HIIT workouts are also more effective than moderate-intensity continuous training, which includes activities like running, rowing, or using an elliptical (40TrustSource).

Another study found that HIIT can help people burn up to 30% more calories than other types of exercise, such as cycling or jogging, in the same amount of time.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to start working out.

You can also cycle between the burpee, pushup, or squat exercise with shorter rest periods in between.

Final Conclusion

Your best bet for losing body fat and maintaining muscle while also keeping your energy levels high is to avoid crash diets and to avoid dangerous supplements.

If you want to feel great, eat healthily, replace sugary drinks with water, try probiotics, or drink coffee, you should incorporate those healthy habits into your routine.

Pair these simple nutrition tips with a well-rounded diet and active lifestyle to promote lasting, sustainable fat burning. Hopefully, these best ways to burn body fat have given you some inspiration and good luck.

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