Exipure Review

I’m writing this review because I want to warn others of not only being ripped off but hopefully, this Exipure review actually inspires someone.

I’ll go over everything and answer some common questions I have been asked about the product, that way you’ll know what to expect if you decide to order it.

Let me start with WHY I even decided to try Exipure…

Why I Tried Exipure

Growing up I was always the larger one in our group and I had my fair share of being bullied because of my weight. I actually loved sports at school but would try and avoid it, not because I was lazy but it was the embarrassment of not being wanted on the team or not being included.

Fat Kathy was my nickname throughout school and even to this day it has somewhat stuck. I was called some pretty terrible names, even the boys would make noises at me or put wide load stickers on my back. It was super depressing.

I tried a bunch of weight loss pills, diets and tried the gym but no matter how hard I tried I would end up back to my starting weight or put more back on.

A good friend of mine told me about Exipure and how it helped her lose 22lbs and made her feel great. She told me since taking Exipure it’s the best she has ever felt.

I did some research and read some reviews of the product, that’s when I decided to give it a try but little did I know I was about to lose some money on a little scam…

Exipure Scam To Watch For…How I Got Ripped Off!

While I was doing my research I landed on a website that claimed to be a third party seller and it was 45% off which did seem a little too good to be true but I wanted to save some money so I went ahead and put my credit card details in, made my purchase and thought nothing of it thinking my order would arrive within the week.

Long story short, I waited 3 weeks and received nothing. I tried to contact the website I purchased the Exipure from and no reply. In fact, they completely closed the site.

Luckily I got in contact with the official Exipure support and let them know what had happened. They showed me what to do to get my money back and I must say they were very helpful.

This is why I highly recommend only purchasing products from their official website.

After chatting with the real Exipure support I decided to give it all another try and this time everything was fine and I received my order which was the 3 bottle bundle.

What Is Exipure And How Does It Work?

Before I dive into my experience with Exipure I’ll quickly explain what it is and how it works for those who are unfamiliar with it.

Exipure is a natural weight loss supplement that has been proven to work. These weight loss capsules help to burn more calories by balancing brown adipose tissue (BAT) levels in our bodies. The formula consists of 8 exotic nutrients and plants that are backed by clinical research.

Not only does Exipure work as a weight loss aid but it also boosts immunity and boosts energy levels to help you power through the day.

If you’re looking for a natural weight loss supplement without side effects then Exipure is for you.

My Experience & Exipure Results

First I will start with the ordering process. You already know my first experience ordering was a complete flop but that was my own fault.

Ordering from the official site was easy and is just like making a purchase anywhere online. After chatting with the support agent (whom was very helpful) she recommended ordering the 3 bottle bundle to save some money. There is a 180 day money back guarantee which gave me peace of mind when I hit complete order.

I received my bottles within 4 days which was great. As soon as they arrived I cracked one of the bottles and took my first tablet.

I kept a diary which I will post below and I’ve added the timeline of my progress which I will update regularly…

Week One

Day 1: Today I received my Exipure bottles and I must say I am really excited. I don’t know if this will work but if I can get half the results everyone else seems to be getting I will be happy. I took a tablet with a big glass of water at 3:15pm which was straight after I received my bottles in the mail.

The capsules are pretty easy to swallow and they don’t leave any nasty after taste or odor like other tablets I’ve had. Being day one, there really isn’t much to report…

Day 3:

Today is day 3 of taking Exipure and I have to admit I do feel something, no weight loss as of yet but I am not getting cravings like I normally would. I think they are starting to work!

Nothing major to report here but I do definitely feel less hungry and don’t have the urge to grab something from the fridge or pantry every time I feel bored.

Day 4:

Yup, definitely feeling the effects of Exipure. I’ve also lost 2 pounds which doesn’t sound like much but it is an accomplishment. Today I’m feeling more energetic as well, I think I might go for a walk this afternoon.

Day 6:

Wow, ok…Now I see why Exipure have raving reviews. This stuff really works. Today I stand on the scales five pounds lighter since starting my journey! Yes, fivepounds in just 6 days.

One thing I am really noticing is the amount of energy I have. I am also getting better sleep! Like, normally I sleep and wake up multiple times. On Exipure I’m sleeping right through for a full 6-7 hours. I don’t like sleeping any longer than 7 hours. 6-7 hours is great for me!

Week Two On Exipure

Day 8:

Another two pounds down! This is freaking amazing. I have to admit, I had my doubts here and I’m normally a huge critic when it comes to weight loss pills and supplements.

Now I have more energy to do stuff I have been walking in the afternoons. I just go for a quick brisk walk for around 20 minutes, nothing too strenuous. I’ll gradually increase this to 30 minutes ever day or every second day.

Another thing I am noticing is I don’t feel bloated like normally do, I’m not eating as much food and snacks so that could be a factor or it’s from the ingredients in Exipure.

Day 11:

I have some exiting news here, I am now TEN pounds lighter!!

Not even 2 weeks in and I’ve lost ten pounds. I know for some people this isn’t a huge achievement but for me this is so motivating and I am starting to really feel good about myself. I can see it in the mirror and feel it when I put my pants.

Day 13:

Ok, this is really working. In the past 2 days I’ve lost another 3 pounds.

It’s like every time I jump on the scales I’m lighter. This is so motivating and encouraging.

It’s like Exipure is melting the fat away and giving me the energy I need to blast through my days. I’ve even cut back on coffee! I just don’t need it because I’m waking up energized.

13 pounds down in 13 days, not bad! Not bad at all!

Week Three: My Exipure Review Continues…

Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days, I am still here and will be keeping you updated with my Exipure review and journey.

Day 16:

16 days have now past, 19 pounds have been shed and I honestly do feel like I’m looking and feeling 5 years younger.

I can see big changes in the mirror now, mostly in my stomach, love handles and legs. I’m also getting complements from friends and family, they are a huge support so that is very motivating that they are seeing noticeable changes..

Day 19:

21 pounds are now gone from my body lol. I’m absolutely loving this!

Nothing else really major to report. I am still feeling much more energized and motivated now the extra weight is off. I think losing that first 10 pounds really motivates you to keep going.

If you’re thinking about buying Exipure or just trying to lose weight – do it now and stay consistent. You will see results!

I wasted so many years just making excuse after excuse where if I had of just taken action and done something I wouldn’t need to be losing so much weight.

Exipure is definitely helping and it’s something I now recommend to everyone I talk to, especially if they ask about my weight loss.

Week Four – Exipure REALLY DOES WORK!

Day 26:

I’m still burning fat! I’m feeling AMAZING!

I honestly do feel better than I did 15 years ago, I even now look better than I did 15 years ago and I have so much energy, it’s crazy. I never thought I’d be feeling and looking this good after just 26 days!

I won’t be updating this as much but I will try and give an update after month 2. I’m already at my goal weight but if I can lose another 10 pounds I’ll be even happier, that will be my ideal weight.

Day 30:

One full month has now passed and I do have some stats to share:

Starting weight: 194 lbs
Finishing weight: 157 lbs

Conclusion: JUST DO IT!

After taking Exipure for just over 4 weeks nows and losing 38 pounds, I can confirm this is an amazing weight loss product! Never in my mind did I think it would work this good.

If you’re thinking about buying Exipure, just do it! Stay focused and commit, you’ll be glad you did. I feel more confident, more energetic, I have more clarity and no more bloating. Most of all, I feel damn sexy!

If you’re feeling down, always bloated and want to lose weight, get Exipure asap!

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