5 Tips to Lose Belly Fat on the Weekend

5 Tips to Lose Belly Fat on the Weekend

If you’re struggling to lose belly fat on the weekend, you should read this article.

These five simple tips are perfect for burning calories and preventing binge eating on the weekends. There’s no reason to let yourself gain weight unless you want to.

How to lose belly fat over the weekend is what you’ll learn with these tips.

1. Avoid all liquid calories

Cut out the soda, the booze, and the liquor mix, and try to avoid drinking orange juice at breakfast. It probably just makes you sleepy anyway.

The truth is that liquid calories don’t register in our brains and don’t satisfy our appetite. There’s no room for liquid sugar in your diet if you want to lose belly fat. Drink green tea and water, with coffee and diet soda in moderation. It would be even better if you could do without diet soda, too!

It’s never been easier to eat better, start losing weight faster, and feel great while you do it.

2. Do short, burst workouts that use multi-muscle exercises to train your entire body in just one simple, short workout

With just two or three exercises, you can work out your entire body. My top recommendation are these two:

1. Dumbbell Squat
2. Pushups

The dumbbell squat works your upper back and your legs. The pushups train your arms, chest, but also your abs. When you combine those two exercises, you already have your whole body workout right there! Do 8-12 reps for squats and 15-30 reps for pushups. and don’t rest between those exercises. If you can keep going for 10 to 20 minutes, and do this regularly, you will see results really fast. After some time, you can increase the reps and total workout time.

3. Workout first thing in the morning

There’s nothing magical about getting up and exercising early.

I do not think that exercising in the morning will make you lose weight more quickly than any other time in your day.

HOWEVER… If you get this out of the way in the morning, you can tick that box and move on to your other planned activities. Exercising in the morning also should give you an energy boost that will last the whole day. And especially on busy weekends, the mornings might be the only chance you get to burn that belly fat!

4. Get outside with your family & stay away from food

It’s very hard to avoid eating too much when you are bored or just want something to do. But you should really try and stop yourself eating because you have nothing else to do.

Instead, go play with the youngsters outside. Play some sports, and most importantly, have fun. Take a very long walk around the neighbourhood.

It’s easy: just do something!

5. Plan some treats and don’t deviate from the schedule

If you’re visiting family and Aunt Sue makes the most amazing lemon meringue pie for dessert, schedule that in your eating plan and make limits on the other things you get offered at the table.

And if you can’t keep treats in the house without gobbling them, you may have a problem with treats. Get rid of them!

Remember the fat loss battle is all about calories you eat being less than the calories you burn.

If you’re on the right track, you should find it easy to steer clear of the junk food and concentrate on getting pleasure from activities and the company of friends on the weekends.

That will help you lose belly fat on the weekend even when you have other things to do.

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